3 Naughty And Wet Shower Sex Games For Lovers


#1. The First Game – The Sex Slave Women (in Shower Sex)

One common sexual fantasy among both men and women is to dominate or be dominated by our partner like BDSM. 

By this, I mean pretending as if you or your partner is a slave.

One popular sex game that allows you to explore this fantasy is the Shower Sex Slave. 

This is a great game for couples to play because it can help to increase the emotional bond between them.

With one partner playing the Master and the other playing the Slave, each gets to see how the other response in their assigned role and learn a few new things about their partner’s wants, desires, and skills. 

It’s a great way to test just how far one partner can go with their sexual desires and how long the other can go without giving in to them.

The Shower Sex Slave game can be played at just about any time, but it’s especially great after a long and stressful day.

This is because the game is meant to be played out slowly.

It’s all about slow and sensual pleasure, so there’s no need to rush. 

# Things Needed For This Shower Sex Game

• Scented Candles 

• Brush (or comb for him) 

• Soft Body Sponges 

• Long, Thin Towel 

• Shampoo & Conditioner 

• Soap or Body Wash that creates LOTS of suds!

Ambiance is very important for this game.

So when preparing to play this game, light some scented candles and either dim or completely turn off the bathroom lights.

If possible, turn on some soft music that has both a relaxing and sexy feel to it.

# The Slave Girl

The role of the Slave is to clean your lover from head to toe without engaging in sexual intercourse.

However, your lover’s entire body is yours to do whatever you want.

You can touch, stroke, lick, and do anything else you wish, whether your Master asks for it or not.

However, you must carry out any and all demands made by your Master. 

Just don’t engage in sexual intercourse while in the shower.

Save this for after the shower if you decide to have sex at all.

You must also remain completely silent during the game.

This is part of playing the role of submission.

No matter what the Master asks, it’s the slave’s job to add some naughty fun when fulfilling their Master’s desires.

# The Man The Master

The Master of this game gets to make whatever demands they want of their shower sex slave, such as spend more time cleaning a certain area of your body (or request that that area be “licked” or “sucked” clean).

To add to the fun, use an authoritative tone when speaking to your shower sex slave.

# Secrets Tricks to Play This Shower Sex game

Remember: you are the Master, so you have all the power!

To start, undress your Master. Next, sit your Master down, either on a chair or the edge of the bathtub, and gently brush or comb his or her hair.

If your Master is bald, perform a scalp massage for a few minutes.

You can even shave your Master’s head if you feel skilled enough to do so.

Your goal is to help your lover relax and let go of tension, so go slow.

With the shower already running, gently stand your Master up and lead them into the shower.

Make sure the water is already warm. You don’t want to turn your lover off with tepid, cold, or scalding hot water.

Next, take the big bath sponge and lather is with the soap or body washes until you have lots of suds.

Slowly rub the soapy sponge over your Master’s body.

Where you, start, is up to you, just be sure to cover your Master’s entire body.

Once you have your Master nice and soapy, set the sponge aside and begin using your hands.

Remember, good slaves, make sure to clean every spot!

Use your hands and fingers wherever necessary, and think “slow and sexy” as you clean your Master.

To steam things up a bit, spend some extra time cleaning your Master’s erogenous zones.

To do so, kneel down in front of your master.

Next, wet the long, thin towel and then twist it so that it is rolled up like a thin, spiral tube.

For a female Master, position the towel between her legs so that one end is in front of her and the other end is behind her.

Next, move the towel back and forth, slowly and softly, so that the towel sensually rubs her vagina.

For a male Master, position the towel under his penis and slide it from left to right.

You can also position it in the same manner as with a female master, just be careful with your Master’s testicles, as they are very sensitive.

If you want to do some naughty cleansing with your mouth and tongue, go for it!

By this time, you and your Master should be feeling very aroused, but don’t give in just yet. 

Instead, stand behind your Master, with your naked body pressed against his or her back, and begin shampooing your Master’s hair.

Slowly massage the shampoo into your lover’s hair and massage the scalp.

If your lover uses it, do the same with the conditioner after you’ve rinsed the shampoo out.

This titillating shower sex game doesn’t end until the shower is over.

This includes drying your Master off with a towel and rubbing either oil or lotion all over your Master’s body nice and slow.

Once you’ve got your Master dried and their skin softened with lotion, you can then proceed with lovemaking if you wish.

Where you have sex is up to you and your partner— bathroom counter, bathroom floor, or in the bed—you choose.

To add to the erotica, keep playing the role of Slave and Master until you’re done!

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