Hidden Secrets To Trigger The Man’s Instinct (Not For Men)


# Show public appearances of emotional attachment

Men like to be close physically to women they are attracted to. So, it is ordinary that he would show you general displays of affection. And it means a lot to him and calm down his insecurity when you reply in kind.

But very often we use “informal” touches in one of two completely wrong ways:

1.We catch him so other women know he belongs to us (he’s our’s).

2. We find ways to touch him often for reason, we want him to think about us physically.

None of these is done by conscious, but none of them is good. it smacks of desperation, which is a turn-off.

You are like prey that comes to the camp and bothers him! Where is the work/fun in that? Where is the chase?

Of course, as with mistakes women can make else, there is another extremism: getting away from his touch, or getting shy and careful every time he tries to break a move.

Many women think that makes him want keeping to try until you respond. But do you remember what we said about his insecurity?

His insecurity tells him that you reject him. So he could certainly try several times. But in the end, he will literally think that you don’t want to be touched and he’ll give up.

It is not a chase! this is disappearing, so to speak. And when the hunter’s prey disappears, he stops chasing.

So, like everything we’ve discussed in this section, there is a happy medium.

First, before everything, read the signals you get. if you see him play calmly and cool, follow his lead.

If he is cheerful and kind, follow this path as well. just make sure, that you do not up the game by fall all over him.

Do you know the phrase “give up an inch, and they take miles?” Don’t let that sentence belong to you.

So finally if you want to learn to trigger or chase a man’s instinct, it’s all maintaining the BALANCE with him without being clear, keeping the mystery alive, not being needy and clingy and giving him the space he needs.


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