How To Make Him Want You Back Again in 13 Powerful Ways


#3. Show Him You Are Happy Without Him

We all love ourselves more than anything else it’s a fact and no men or women can deny it.

But when you break up the situation was so tensed that you just can’t get over your guy and that situation seems unavoidable as you love him so much that the concept of self-love just doesn’t apply to you.

But understand that it’s time to get back to your life. I know you’re probably feeling the urge to jump at him and fall deeply in love again, but it’s not time yet.

This is a period when you need to be strong and show him that you are happy without him even though internally you are not happy.

It’s mandatory as sometimes you have to convey that you are important and you love yourself.

It also proves the point if you cannot love yourself first, you just cannot love someone else.

At the same time will also make him feel a bit jealous and it will add to the situation getting in your favor.

#4. Dress And Look Attractive Like You Never Did To Make Him Feel Jealous

Now this is important I know you are hurt and you don’t feel like doing anything, but you have to remember we discussed about self-love and importance, looking good and dressing well is also a part of self-love.

Don’t ever skip this step, I will tell you why.

Ask in your mind do you believe constantly thinking about him and keeping yourself packed in a close will make him come back. No definitely not.

Why not than try something that will get him bit a jealous and also push him towards you.

Believe me in real life the guy you love won’t even realize you exist, so get his attention you have to look like a goddess.

In fact wear something that he loves, somehow if he sees you wearing you his favorite dress and also making more effort to look good for parties and occasions when he’s not around you.

But you guys are a part of that party or occasions. Trust me, girls, he will be more than jealous.

Whether you want to entice him to come back, or just prove him what he’s missing.

Make an effort to look even more attractive and sexy than you did when you two were in a relationship. No doubt it will hurt him a bit, but sooner or later that jealousy will again turn into love.

#5. Use Social Media To Show You Are Great Without Him

Never underestimate the power of social media, I will tell you why even if you are heartbroken and hurt with your breakup.

The best way to make him want you back is to make him think you are doing better even when he is not around.

Have fun at parties, click pictures with your close friends, post status updates about the new and cool stuff you are doing.

In general do whatever you can to show him, how free and happy you are without him.

Trust me this happiness factor will definitely kill him from inside and he won’t be able to ignore the fact how happy you are without him.

And the best part is that by doing all of these cool stuff, you are keeping yourself amused and over time you will realize you are happy again.

But that’s not the whole point the point is these little things will drive him wild and slowly he will think of getting back to you.

#6. Wait For The Ideal Time To Talk To Him

Now after doing all the above kinds of stuff, there’s a fair chance he will call or text you.

But if he doesn’t it’s time to take the initiative and I believe you love him, so there’s no harm in that.

It’s fine you guys broke up, but if you really want to know how to make a him want you and only you.

I suggest you to start to initiate a conversation with texts.

You can do this as things now have cooled down, the anger and desperation has washed off little, so now its time to play the tricks.

But be cautious start with a casual text  and not a direct phone call. You can use this texting idea to ignite his emotional hot buttons.

The best way is to keep the texts simple but powerful. If everything goes well the next day, try to talk about awesome moments you spend together.

This will definitely trigger his emotions and push him to think of how much fun you had and how beautiful life was being together. 

Texting Tips – Once you have started a conversation make sure you are talking about things that you guys loved doing together.

Talk about stories that will crawl right into your man’s unconscious the stories that will make him smile, laugh, or reminisce.

Being able to bring that back up in your man’s mind is very powerful emotion that you can create. This doesn’t have to be the first time you met.

Try to think of the moment when you knew you were meant to be together, whether that was the first time you locked eyes or the first time you kissed.

Note that this are little points but it will make a huge impact on his mind and you must use the power of this moments, if you want to find out how to make him want you back again.

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