How To Make Him Want You Back Again in 13 Powerful Ways


#11. Change Something That He Didn’t Like in You in Past

There are always two things in any relationship, good and bad. No matter how pretty you’re or how good you were in everything you did to him. There’s always something lacking in every one of us.

Be honest you already know it very well, there was a reason why your relationship ended? If there is and you think this is a reasonable complaint, then you should try to change it.

It could be anything maybe you were too possessive and he didn’t appreciate it. Maybe you were too talkative or too shy or quite.

Maybe you were too sarcastic in your language or maybe you were a bit immature. Whatever it was change it if you want to make him want you and beg to be with you.

These are little things that really matter in a relationship, these small things can make or break a relationship.

I believe you must think about it, if you do so the next time he sees you on the road or in a common friends party, He ​should be astonished to see the changed you, this will change his entire perception and thinking about you.

#12. Find Out Whether He Want You Back Or Not

The point is it could be he has really moved on and is not interested in getting back together with you.

If this is the case you’re probably wasting your precious energy and time or just embarrassing yourself in front of him which is not something that you would like to happen to you……Right?

To be honest, this should have been the first point out of the 9 above, but I kept it in the end because I knew it’s difficult to console a broken heart that is mad in love.

In other words, even if you knew he’s not wanting to stay in a relationship with you, still you would give yourself a chance to Try at least Once.

If it was so easy to control your heart’s emotions than love would simply not exist. We would have been living in a world where relationships built on giving and taking and not on emotions and bonding…..

I hope it’s making sense to you. To be honest I really want you to try all the above steps to get him back again in your life. 

You tried still you failed, it’s OK, maybe he was not yours, but if you didn’t try, it will always be on the back of your mind that maybe I should have given one more try and you will have to die with pain.

#13. Last But Not The Least Make It a Challenge For Him To Get You Back Again

I must say one thing when it comes to man, they have a habit of taking people and things for granted. Not all men of course, but most do.

All the above steps are awesome, but if he gets you back easily, you will not be of value for him.

And it’s a fact when you get something too easily you tend ​to devalue it. And in your case, he may disrespect you by repeating the same mistakes and arguments again.

To avoid this from happening again make yourself a prize for him to achieve. Make it a challenge, let him grind a bit (Note: Not to overdo it or else things may turn blue again and all your dreams of getting him back will shatter)

Say for instances when it comes to money. Man work their butt out to save money, they tend to spend it wisely and they don’t make exorbitant purchases.

They value their money because it shows their hard work. That same value and respect should reflect in his eyes for you and this is only the right cure or medicine that will get him back again into your life…..Trust me.

Imagine those lovely moments when you guys first met. Think about the first date when he brought you BOOKIE at your doorstep, opened the car door and helped you seat at your first romantic dinner?

Remember all the little but memorable surprises he planned just to see you smile and make you feel special.

You have to bring back that time again for your relationship to flourish and excel. So throw him a challenge in a disguised way.

It will prove his love for you…..BUT REMEMBER NOT TO OVERDO IT….. His respect and dignity matter to take note of that.

I believe this are 13 helpful and very powerful tips that can make him want you back again. If you can follow the above steps and use them strategically you will definitely win the game of love and depending on what your relationship with your man was like before you started, you have one of three possible outcomes. 

You’re dating your ex again. Congratulations! Have fun and KEEP DATING. You have plenty of time. Don’t rush things.

Keep it interesting, and don’t fall into a rut. You probably learned from your first breakup that sustainable relationships take a lot more work than you thought. But what greater challenge is there in life than staying with the person you love.

And this is critical for your success with man, no matter how hard you try to make him want you and love you. But if he is just not interested in a relationship with you then it just doesn’t make any sense.

Even after all this if nothing is happening quitting is the best way out, don’t lose your dignity. Believe me, you deserve someone better that’s all.

I will stop here ​I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make him want you back again.

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