An Expert Explains Why People Go Back to Partners Who Hurt Them


Sometimes we choose to give a toxic relationship another chance, for the second time, hoping it looks different this time. Whether it’s because we feel alone, It is easy, we remove negative memories or simply because we are blinded by love. We let go of our guard down and decided to get back together, even if it didn’t make sense.

At Dark-Diamond we are fascinated by the perspective of Shelby Sells. An expert in human psychology who concentrate on modern relationships, This shows that there are many reasons that subconsciously affect our decision to return with a former partner.

Going Back Is Easy And Familiar.

Going back with your ex is the easiest thing you can make. You and your partner know each other’s wishes. Your favorite foods and drinks, habits and mistakes –plus, It’s easy to go back to something you already know.

According to Sells, we get used to the suffering caused by our partner, so there is No unexpected surprise awaits us. We knowingly agree to the possibility that we get hurt ourselves again and we are alright with it.

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