Breakfast toasts variations to make your mornings exciting :


Spring season is the ideal season to start making All breakfast toasts start with a base spread ; I mean spring is the time of the year when we can get fresh veggies such as tomatoes and cucumbers and fresh herbs to top our toasts with, plus the whole family enjoys them! This could actually be the perfect way to gather your family around the breakfast table!

All breakfast toasts start with a base spread: there is a big variation of spreads you can try, just make sure to use the right toppings to bring out the flavors of your spread and also make your toast taste extra good!

There are 4 spreads that I love to use as a base for my breakfast toasts as I find them to be the most delicious especially with the combination of toppings I use with them: avocado mash, hummus, nut butter – such as peanut and almond- and cream cheese.

Here are the yummiest ways to top your breakfast toasts based on what base you chose. Enjoy your toasts!

Hummus base :


To make hummus breakfast toast, simply: Toast up your bread: Either in the toaster or toaster oven, or even on a non-stick pan on low medium heat depending on how many toasts you’re making. Or if you happen to be making a large batch of hummus toast for a party or a big family breakfast, you can arrange slices of bread in a single layer on a baking sheet and toast them up in the oven. Next, spread on your desired amount of hummus. Sprinkle your toppings accordingly and, voilà! Enjoy!  Hummus toast is definitely best enjoyed right away.  So dig in!

Simple Hummus Toast :

For this one you just spread hummus on your toasted bread, add a sprinkle of flaky salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and some sesame seeds! This is a simple but a flavorful toast that’ll make your mouth water.

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