How to Make Him Chase You (Even If He’s Not Interested)


First things first …before you learn how to make him chase you – you need to know that FEMINISM LIED TO YOU (at least when it comes to men.)

You need to UNLEARN everything you’ve ever heard about “women being equal to men” when it comes to sex, love, romance, and commitment. It’s only then you’ll understand how to make him chase you for lifelong.

Yes, feminism has given women incredible power and equality when it comes to life as a woman – far from the days of cooking TV dinners in a corset and house dress, now women can run companies, earn millions of dollars, wear pants in public, basically do whatever the heck you want.

BUT, when it comes to LOVE, there’s one rule that’s never changed (and never will):

Sexually, men and women are at opposite poles … for a REASON.

That means you can’t ACT like a man if you want to GET a man (and not just any man, but the right man for you.)

And you might think you know what that means.

But it probably goes deeper than you might realize.

Let’s get into some more detail.

First of all …

Men like to CHASE. A man wants to earn you. But can you revive his chase instinct that’s the question?

He wants to think of you being the prize that he hunted down, strategized over, chased, and eventually WON.

He wants to feel the adrenaline, the anxiety, the gut-numbing FEAR of putting himself out there and not knowing how you feel, whether you’ll accept him, whether you think he’s ‘good enough’ for YOU.

Yes, this may sound insane. But remember, the world isn’t logical, men aren’t logical, and HIS dreams are not YOUR dreams.

So … don’t try to short-cut the process by ‘helping him’ out or ‘taking it easy on him’ by doing all the heavy lifting yourself (don’t you DARE!) you’ve got to let him be the manand a big part of that is letting HIM put HIMSELF out there for you.

Let me put it this way:

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Imagine for a second that your guy is one of those beer-swilling, Republican-voting guys who like to go hunting on the weekend.

(I know, I know … but just work with me here for a second. It’s an analogy. Go with it.)

Does a guy like that treasure the deer that came jumping down the mountain straight into his lap?

NO! he treasures the deer that he got up at 4 am to catch, dressed in ridiculous clothes for, smeared his face with camo paint for, hiked through mud, through rivers, into swamps and up mountains for 9 hours for, squatted in cold forests to stalk, laid little traps for and eventually triumphed over.

THAT’S the deer that he’ll triumphantly lug home, mount its antlers up on the wall, make a delicious stew out of, and brag to all his friends about how ‘hard this one was to catch’ but eventually he ‘conquered it’.

THAT’S the deer that he’ll remember forever that he’ll grin about whenever he remembers the chase … that he’ll BRAG about to all his friends for years to come.

THAT’S the deer that you need to take a lesson from.

And before anyone clouts me over the head about this.

Yes, I realize this is incredibly politically incorrect.

I know you’re not a deer.

I know you don’t want to get shot, hung on a wall, and eaten.

The point is, politics have no place in the bedroom … and they never, ever will. 

You can either fight against it, be a ‘feminist’ about sex, and struggle hard to ever find a satisfying, loving, happily-committed relationship with a man.

Or you go WITH the current and let it carry you where you want to go.

It’s your choice – but I strongly suggest you take the EASY OPTION here (which also happens to be the only one that works.)

Will Work for Single and Married Women

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