This Just In: Coconut Vinegar Is the New Apple Cider Vinegar


Don’t stock up until you read this first.

By now you’re probably storing a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your pantry and your medicine cabinet so that you can use the natural cure-all as part of your diet and beauty routine. But did you know that there may be another vinegar that’s just as beneficial as your beloved apple cider vinegar? Meet coconut vinegar, its hipper cousin.

coconut halves with palm frond

A popular acidic condiment in Southeast Asia and some regions of India, coconut vinegar is a natural product produced from fermentable coconut sap and the oxidation of ethanol into acetic acid. Healthwise, it has a lot going for it, according to Lynnley Huey, MPH, RD, a registered dietician and a nutritionist on Maven.

  • Since it’s fermented, coconut vinegar a natural source of probiotics, which feed our microbiome—that community of gut bugs that keeps us healthy on so many levels. Here are some bonus health benefits of probiotics.
  • Coconut vinegar contains acetic acid so it may not spike blood sugar, according to one small study.
  • Research conducted in mice found that coconut vinegar seems to have anti-inflammatory properties that may make it a more natural way to help combat obesity and control your weight. The study is an early one, though, and the findings still need to be duplicated in humans.

When it comes to healthful living, both apple cider vinegar and coconut vinegar can live amicably on your shelf. Although there’s a lot more research about the power of apple cider vinegar to lower blood sugar levels and aid in digestion, coconut vinegar is thought to have similar benefits. Huey cautions that we’ll need more scientific evidence to prove any specific health claims, and you should always ask your doctor before using coconut vinegar as part of your health regimen, especially if you already take blood pressure-lowering medication.

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